Welcome to the early access!

If you'd like to test the form builder, you can request early access.

What's early access?

Early access is a way for developers to let users test their software before releasing it to the public. This is very handy for developers, but also users may benefit of this because they get new things before others.

How can I get early access?

Please go to this page and fill in your email address. When I accept your request (probably within two days), you'll get the early access key.

I have an early access key, how can I use it?

Enter your key in the field below and click the button. When your key is valid, you'll be redirected to my form builder.

I have a question, can I contact you?

Of course! I'm happy to answer your questions! Please send me an email at form-ea@openthe.site. I'll try to reply within 2 days.